The least of these…

It has officially been ONE YEAR since I launched this website! It has been amazing to see how many thousands have read posts and stayed engaged with what I have put up here. Both here in America and other countries. The first year of the website I focused a lot on my writings and things I wanted to say. Although many have said they were great, I want to expand on that. In addition to my own writings, you’ll see guest posts from other writers and articles about others that are making a difference in the world.

To start off 2015, I want to do just that. Recognize someone that has had a huge impact on me and is making an impact on others. I want to recognize someone that I now watch from afar, but used to get the opportunity to watch up close.

When I was a student at Christ For the Nations, there was a fellow student that had an extreme impact on me. This guy was who you wanted to be friends with. He could have easily been the most popular guy in school (in some ways he was). This guy had cool points for days. He was funny, the ladies loved him, and you looked at him thinking, “I wanna be like that guy.” In addition to who he was, he had an incredible family that loved God and loved other people. His family always put other people before themselves.

I went to church with him for a season and we even worked at the same place of employment. So seeing him at school, church, and work I got to see many different ways and see him in many different arenas.

But I didn’t idolize him for  any of what I already listed though…

I admired him for WHO he spent his time with.

You would never find him hanging with what people considered “cool kids”. He was always with the people that nobody else wanted to hangout with. He was with the lonely, the hurting, and the different. He didn’t let language barriers get between him and foreign students. He didn’t allow peer pressure to keep him from hanging out with those that weren’t exactly the most popular. Most of all, even when earthly pain came his way in the form of losing his grandmother, his father, and his brother, it didn’t change who he was. He was still the same guy that had a HUGE heart for people.

Who am I talking about? Ryan Brewer.

Ryan is now a missionary in Thailand with his beautiful wife Randi and their two kids. It doesn’t surprise me at all and I would expect nothing less from him. The one that spent his time with the least is still doing it today. But Ryan doesn’t see them as the least, he sees them as the most. So as you go about your day, think about someone you can thank for their impact on your life.

You can follow the Brewers on Twitter: @brewermissions and also on Facebook: to see all that God is doing through them.

You can even support them financially here:


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