The First Tree

The next few articles on will be a sort of my tale of three trees. It has been my journey in ministry and the three places God has taken me. You see, this website isn’t just about me or what I have to say, it’s about honoring those that have given me a chance.

I once wanted a job at a high level steakhouse in Texas. I had no waiter experience and I certainly didn’t belong here for my first go around. I was graced enough to be given a face to face interview with the hiring manager. At the end of the somewhat awkward interview, he asked, “Why should I hire you? You have nothing to offer.” I replied, “I simply want someone to take a chance on me.”


These next three articles are honoring the churches that have taken a chance on me and allowed me to grow in my gifts. It is for you to hear about them and know what God is doing through them.

My journey in local church ministry began in Austin, TX. After graduating college Chris Gilkey asked me to join him and his team to plant Reach Church. Planting that church has been one of the greatest experiences of my life thus far. You’ve never known a faith journey until you’ve told someone you go to a church that doesn’t yet exist. We arrived in Austin knowing God had brought us there, but yet at the same time, not knowing what exactly the future would hold.

I was given the opportunity to build a youth ministry from the ground up. Wait, how do I convince teens to come hang out when there’s no one else there? It all started with 5 students that I convinced to come over for pizza. Free food, it works every time. Those humble beginnings grew to 40 or so teens every week in a humble house in Cedar Park. Is it because of what I did? Not really. Did I work my butt off? Yes. But none of it would have been possible without Pastor Chris and his desire for God to do something in the greater Austin area.

God has continued to use Reach Church over the last three years.reach-church-logo Hundreds of people committing their lives to Christ. Hundreds baptized. Miracle prayers answered. All of that because a few people were crazy enough to believe God that they could be used to do something great in a city that had no idea who they were.


To find out more about Reach Church, visit their website at

Also, here’s a great short story of the Tale of Three Trees:


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